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Raw vegan life style symbolizes love for nature.

Eat Real, Be Real!

Re-Nu NOW: 

As We Re-Nu our mind,

 we Re-Nu our body!! 

How do we Re-Nu our mind?

Inner cleansing is the first step towards healthy mind and body.

Most easy and effective inner cleansing is achieved by following these 3 steps:

1). Fasting - in the morning ( 6-8 hrs daily). By doing so our body gets free time to cleanse itself  internally.

2) Colon cleansing -  Toxins accumulated over a period of time are mainly housed in the colon. Irrigating the colon with fresh water enema is most simple and effective method of removing toxins from the body.

3) Eating raw foods  - Eating raw fruits and vegetables gives your body a boost of energy.  These natural raw foods are prepacked with all the nutrients and the necessary digestive enzymes for digesting them with least effort. Your body will speak to you when you adopt to raw vegan lifestyle. 

Above 3 steps will balance all 5 elements (space, air, fire, water and earth) in the body. 

As a result you become, 

"A New YOU!"

So what are you waiting for?

Re-Nu NOW and enjoy your life to the fullest. 

You deserve it!

Re-Nu mind, Re-Nu body and hence Re-Nu life

From colon cleansing, detoxifying and food challenges, we have a tons of ideas guaranteed to make you excited for this next phase of your life. 

There’s never a better time than NOW!  

Raw Vegan Meals and Raw Vegan Desserts in Houston.

Fresh Green Juices in Houston.

10 benefits of raw vegan diet

1) Raw foods are better quality, therefore you eat less to satisfy your nutritional needs. The heat of cooking depletes vitamins, damages proteins and fats, and destroys enzymes which benefit digestion. As your percentage of raw foods increases you feel satisfied and have more energy on smaller meals because raw food has the best balance of water, nutrients, and fiber to meet your body’s needs.

2) Raw foods have more flavor than cooked foods so there is no need to add salt, sugar, spices, or other condiments that can irritate your digestion system or over stimulate your nervous system.

3) Raw foods take very little preparation so you spend less time in the kitchen. Even a child of 5 or 6 can prepare most items for breakfast, lunch or dinner. This gives children a sense of self-esteem and independence, not to mention the break it gives Mom or Dad.

4)  When you eat raw there’s little chance of burns, unless you’re in the middle of a forest fire or out in the sun too long. Just think! No burns to your tongue, the roof of your mouth, or fingers, and many fewer house fires.

5) Cleaning up after a raw meal is a snap. No baked-on oils or crusty messes. And any inedible parts go directly to the compost pile.

6) Eating a diet of raw foods can reverse or stop the advance of many chronic diseases, including heart disease and cancer. Remember, cooking creates free radicals, which are the major cause of cancer. When you lower the number of free radicals your cells are bombarded with, you lower your risk of cancer.

7) A raw food diet can protect you from acute diseases such as colds, flu, measles, etc. Raw foods maintain a healthy body with better defenses to prevent the intrusion of disease.

8)  Heartburn, gas, indigestion, and constipation can become things of the past. As long as you combine raw food properly, you will soon reach a level where you no longer suffer from heartburn, gas, indigestion or constipation.

9)  Eating raw is environmentally sound. With humanity on a diet of raw foods, the food industry would close up shop and take up organic gardening. This would save us enormous amounts of natural resources used to produce power for these industries. Nuclear power would be clearly unnecessary. And think of how many trees and oil reserves could be saved without the need for the paper and plastics used in packaging our processed foods. There would also be less pollutants released into the atmosphere when all the cooking stopped and more oxygen produced from all the new orchards and gardens, thus helping to slow global warming.

10) Eating raw saves you money — on food, vitamins, pots and pans, appliances, doctor bills, drugs, and health insurance. So don’t waste your food, yourself, and our planet by cooking what you eat. Fruits, nuts, and vegetables which are whole, fresh and raw are brimming with life and have the ability to transmit their life force directly to you.


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